Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shibori Dyeing

Larry accordian-folded an eight-sided triangle and created a resist with two c-clamps, which is his version of Itajime Shibori. 
After removing the c-clamps from the itajime shibori, a beautiful kaleidescope pattern is revealed. 
Our favorite type of shibori is called arashi shibori. We wrapped a length of green cotton around a pole, holding the fabric in place by wrapping a crochet thread around and around the pole at 1/2 inch spacing, pushing up the fabric to create folds. We painted the exposed fabric with bleach to discharge the green dye. After rinsing out the bleach, we painted on splotches of Procion MX fiber reactive dye in gold, violet, navy blue and maroon.

My favorite part of arashi shibori is revealing the pattern after letting the dyes set. 
I love the tiger stripes created by arashi shibori. This was our experimental model. Next time we will try it on silk, possibly using Washfast acid dyes, at least for the black stripes.

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  1. Wow, the tiger striping really is dramatic! Thanks for having a blog, so all of Fyber Cafe can check you out too.