Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ice Dye Nebula

It all started with a plain white sheet.

It became a whole galaxy, filled with beautiful nebulas.

Do you see a face gazing down from the heavens?

Ice dyeing produces such beautiful patterns, I couldn't stop photographing them.

This was my first attempt at ice dyeing on cotton. All of the images in this post are on one cotton sheet.

My intention for this session of ice dyeing was to use blue, green and purple dye, but I had to  add yellow to turn the blue into green, and I had to add fuchsia to turn the blue into purple. That meant I would have to use all of the primary colors and a little black for accents. I was really afraid all of the colors would blend and become a muddy brown mess.

When I rinsed the excess dye out of the fabric, it looked like a rainbow explosion.

Ice dyeing produces a kaleidescope of colors.

Some sections of the cloth resemble moss agate.

I see quite a few people in this section.

I have my next batch of ice dyeing in the kitchen right now. I have to wait until tomorrow to see how it turned out. 

I sprinkled even more different colors of dye on the ice this time.

I used Procion MX dyes. Since I only bought primary colors, I mixed some together to create more complex colors.