Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Arashi Shibori

After experimenting with arashi shibori on cotton, (see the previous post) we graduated to using silk. I painted bright splotches of color on the silk scarf with Procion MX fiber reactive dye. I washed it out well to remove any residual dye and the alkaline soda ash. Then we gathered the fabric on a PVC pipe by wrapping it with a thin rope and scrunching it up. The Procion MX dye doesn't always work the same on silk as it does on cotton. The blue pigment washes out if it's in a blend or added afterwards. So, when I wanted purple, I painted red dye over the blue. When I wanted green, I painted yellow dye over the blue dye.

Since the black Procion MX dye becomes red on silk after the blue washes out, I  used acid dye for the black, which I painted on the parts of the fabric which were showing between the scrunched up rope. I placed the fabric-wrapped pipe in a plastic bag to protect it from condensation. Then I steamed it in the turkey roaster for 45 minutes, making sure the silk stayed well below 185 degrees so it wouldn't be damaged.

I immediately rinsed out the excess black dye. Then I ironed it to remove the pleats made by the rope.  It looks shiny and iridescent, like soap bubbles. We have a few more scarves ready to do arashi shibori on tomorrow.

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