Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Pottery Out of the Kiln From our Classes at the Clay Place

2012 is the Year of the Dragon.
The Eggshell glaze automatically colors the textured areas a beautiful rust shade.

Larry designed the dragon as an Ouroboros, a dragon biting it's tail.
It's a symbol of transformation and rebirth.

Larry's Moon Vase has fir trees with highlights of white from the moonshine.
After dipping in Super-Shiny Blue, the glaze was sponged on using Green Haze and Mindy's Red.

Larry's Sun Vase had Torbjorn Bronze slip in the crevasses
and then it was dipped in Old Yellow, a matt glaze. 
My fish is very eager to hold a bar of soap for me.

My bowl was dipped in Lucero White then splotched with blue and green dots.

I'm afraid I went a little overboard with the Torbjorn Bronze slip on the brim.

I used one of my metal bread pans to make a plaster hump mold for this pan. 

At the last minute, I retrieved the unfired, glazed pan and sponged on some Lucero White highlights over the blue and brown glazes.
I like the depth it adds to the glaze.

I baked a loaf of whole wheat bread to take to our potluck party
 on the last day of our pottery class.

Larry loves the "root" beer stein he made using tree bark for the texture.
He used Tea Dust glaze which adds highlights to the textured areas.

The handle is designed to look like the branch of a tree.

My cup is dipped in three sections of Super-Shiny Blue, Denim and Green Haze
after having been dipped all-over in Lucero White. 
We go back next week to pick up more items as they come out of the kilns. Some are glazed and some are at the bisque stage. I'll post more pictures of them later.