Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black 'n Blue Yarn Finished From Our Dyeing Party

Last month the Oakland First Sunday Spinners group had an all day dyeing party. This is the wool batt that I split into strips and then dyed in various shades of blue and green with Jacquard dyes.
I spun a single ply of the blue wool and a single ply of plain black wool on my Louet spinning wheel.
It was too much yarn to fit the plied yarn on a Louet bobbin, so I used the lazy kate of my Louet and did the actual plying on my Ashford Country Spinner, which doesn't have a lazy kate.

It fit on the gigiantic Country Spinner bobbin with room to spare. They say it holds two pounds of yarn, but I've put more than that and it still wasn't even close to being full.

I don't have a skein winder on the Country Spinner, so back it went to the Louet skein winder.

There was a total of six ounces of Black 'n Blue yarn.

It was hard to get an accurate depiction of the colors in the yarn, so here is another image.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Custom Made Doll Hair

This week I dyed Cotswold wool especially for MammysStitches for her Etsy Shop.
Here is a picture of all of the different doll hair fibers together. These colors are a little closer to reality than the close-up pictures, which the camera shows as being lighter than they really are.

Starting with the first fleece on the left.
Number 1: This is Lincoln Wool that is in it's natural Charcoal color.  It would be really nice for a Grandma Doll.

Number 2: Cotswold wool dyed in a medley of reddish brown tones.

A close-up view of Number 2

Number 3: Cotswold wool dyed chocolate brown with black and red highlights

A close-up of Number3

Number 4: Cotswold wool dyed a solid black

A close-up of number 4

Number 5: Mottled browns in Cotswold wool

A close-up of number 5: