Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our First Set of Pottery is Out of the Glazing Kiln!

Since I've been assigned a full-time shift at work for three months, Larry and I haven't been able to take a vacation this summer. To keep us happy about having to stay home, I signed us up for a two months of pottery classes at The Clay Place at Umpqua Valley Arts Association. The classes are 5 hours long, four nights a week.  It's at the same location as my spinning guild meetings.

We were so excited to see our first set of pottery when it came out of the glazing kiln.
I made a yarn bowl to keep my ball of yarn from rolling across the room when I'm knitting.
I painted the rim of the yarn bowl with Torbjorn Bronze slip.
It drips during the firing. Cool!!! 

Larry made a mortar and pestle for our kitchen.
I was tired of having wet soap.
The bottom half of the soap dish catches all of the drips.
A soap dish shaped like my hand.
There are drain holes in the soap dish.
The bottom of the soap dish catches the water.
Feed me money!
This is one hungry bank.
The glaze was Lucero White over Almost Black.
Larry made a white rose.
Larry used a zigzag metal hair band for the texture on this bowl.
The glaze is dark blue with gold and red highlights.
Larry made a small cup that would be great for pouring syrup on pancakes. Yum!
I love the blend of gold and blue glaze on this cup.
This small glass is the first thing I made on the potter's wheel.
I love the neat effects caused by glazing white over black.
Larry ate cereal out of his new bowl as soon as we got home from our class.
He couldn't wait until morning.

We have three weeks left in our class. The next glazing kiln will be emptied tomorrow.  It will be fun to see what other pottery we will make.